4 Ways to Use Video Walls for Your Business

In these modern times, it is astounding how much top level technology lies directly at our fingertips, and like most new tools of the past, the businessmen and women who have the foresight to embrace that technology while it is still new often find a leverage that catapults them ahead of their competitors. This was true with the telephone. With the Internet. And now many businesses are finding it true again as the latest advances in digital technology drop prices down within the means of a much wider range of businesses.One great tool provided by digital display technology are video walls, but what options do they present? How can you leverage them for your business? Well, honestly, the options are nearly endless, especially if you have the money to get a customized solution put together, but here are some basic uses that are commonly employed by modern businesses.1. Interactive Trading WallAn interactive trading wall can be an amazing contribution to market-oriented environments that brings a lot of atmosphere to the room while at the same time serving very significant purposes. The stacked LCD displays can be set up to feature many different markets, such as stocks, commodities, and currencies and many traders also like to feature the business news in one of the panels. The features for finding and displaying information via web sources through this type of video wall offer a virtually endless number of possibilities.2. Project SummaryMuch like a donor recognition display, video can be used to highlight and outline the many characteristics of a project underway. The outcome of big projects often depend on public support, so this provides a great way to communicate. Again, much like donor recognition, interactive digital technology is often adequate, but the addition of video enhances the experience.3. General CommunicationAnother great use of video walls is simply communicating news, events, features, or products with customers. Many businesses require customers to do some waiting in order to be helped, and this provides ample time to prep customers for an upsell or deliver any other kind of news or information that might be important to them. This helps to maximize profits while at the same time streamlining processes. And that’s just good for business.4. EntertainmentFinally, we should never forget that we want our customers to be comfortable and welcome in our establishment. The last thing you want is them waiting around and staring at their watches with bored looks on their faces, sound like your last trip to the bank?Video walls offer an opportunity to keep them entertained so a wait doesn’t feel like a wait, and while you might not immediately recognize the added profits to this business mindset, it will certainly affect the bottom line.